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The mandate of EBS mandate is to increase access to quality education through the uses of technology so that learners are able to access education at any place and at any time .Its primary role is to compliment and supplement provision of education to those in formal or non formal education and to the vulnerable learners that are in hard to reach environment geographically.

EBS has developed and produced many different educational programmes some of which are

Learning at Taonga market

This is the name given to the radio programmes that target primary school learners.“Taonga market” programmes. (The name for the radio school) Whichuses the Interactive radio instructions IRI methodology .These programmes target the vulnerable children especially those that are in hard to reach areas.

The communities usually are the ones that set up their centre and using radio the children are able to learn. The facilitation of the programmes are done by a mentor who is also chosen by the community. Sustenance of the mentor is also done by the community. The teaching and learning is done any where in churches, under trees in classrooms or at houses.

Learning using radio in a classroom

The Educational Broadcasting services (EBS)specializes in radio and TV and e-learning technologies. It has two offices one is located along fairly road off the Government road in Lusaka and the other is situated in Kitwe along Kuomboka Drive .This unit is headed by a Controller followed by two executive producers one based in Lusaka and the other one at the Kitwe office.

Learning under a tree using radio

I have thes programmes and will bring them to classs

You can listen to the audio programmes by clicking Here

Grade 1 programme 1 to 150

Grade 2 programme 1 to 150

Grade 3 programme 1 to 150

Grade 4 programme 1 to 150

Grade 5 programme 1 to 150

Grade 6 programme 1 to 150

Grade 7 programme 1 to 150

You can watch the video about Learning at Taonga market by clicking Here


In side the Mobile E-learning lab                                  outside the elearning mobile bus

The Education television Services unit of the educational Broadcasting Services it’s mandated to produce educational programmes that are video based. Apart from recording and producing programmes to do with various activities happening in the ministry of education .The section is currently developing and producing educational programmes that target learners in high schools. Subjects and topics have been selected especially mathematics and science subjects .The teachers are specialised in the selected subjects selected and are recorded teaching a particular topic. The lessons are later packaged on DVDs and sold to any body who would like to buy them.

To watch videos click Here

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