This applies to procurement of works. That is construction by the use of the government of the Republic of Zambia’s own personnel and equipment. This may be the only practical method for constructing some kind of works. It may be justified where:Quantities of work involved cannot be defined in advance.Works are small and scattered or in remote location for which qualified construction firms are unlikely to bid at reasonable prices. Work is required to be carried out without disruption of on-going operations.There are emergencies needing prompt attention.Method of rocurement for Civil and Engineering Works The procurement of civil works for demand driven activities will be done in liaison with Micro-project Unit. Other civil works particularly for areas where communities are not able to initiate programmes will be out sourced to contractors. The civil works shall consist of construction of new buildings, rehabilitation of existing buildings, Structural, Electrical, Sanitation and other Engineering works. The following procedures shall be used in outsourcing contractors:The project shall be identified from the school mapping exercise. The Building Officer shall then draw up Bill of Quantities and drawings for the proposed Civil/Engineering Works. These shall be submitted to the relevant Procurement Unit who shall prepare the appropriate bidding documents. Methods to be used in Bidding, Evaluation, Approval and Contract award shall follow a process consistent with the threshold level described under Section 2.8 A copy of the contract with all its contractual provisions shall be made available to the Buildings Officer who shall undertake supervision of the works in progress. The 41 Procurement and Supplies Unit shall receive regular Progress Reports on works being undertaken from the Buildings Officer until the contract is completed and the works handed over to the Ministry by the Contractor.