The Information and Statistics section under the Directorate of Planning and Information has the mandate for the development, installation and maintenance of computer systems in the Ministry in order to facilitate the provision of accurate information. In view of this, the key roles are as given below:

Systems Customization: Monitor periodically systems customization in order to install user-friendly systems;

Recovery Procedures: Ensure compliance with disaster recovery procedures and maintenance standards in line with current technological requirements in order to facilitate quick system recovery;

Research and Development: Undertake periodic research and development activities in software and hardware support in order to provide up to date operating system software;

Communication linkages: Ensure that all education levels are effectively linked to the Ministry of Education main data base to improve information flow;

Data Base Management: Manage an up to date ministerial data base in order to facilitate easy retrieval of information; and

Statistics: Ensure timely and accurate statistics are available in the ministry for informed decision making.

The section comprises the Information and the Statistics units.

Statistics unit

Has the mandate for the collection and maintenance of statistical information in order to facilitate the availability of information for planning and decision making in the ministry.


Data collection and processing: Undertakes efficient collection and processing of data relating to Education in order to make it readily available for use in the ministry.

Data Collection Instruments: Designs effective, data collection instruments in order to ensure systematic collection and quality generation of data.

Data Collection: Collects timely, appropriate data in order to facilitate its analysis.

Statistical Reports: Prepares accurate and comprehensive statistical reports on matters relating to Education in order to facilitate effective planning and decision making.

a. Statistical Reports: Prepares accurate and comprehensive statistical reports in order to facilitate planning and decision making.

b. Information Storage: Maintains professionally all data and information to ensure safe storage and easy retrieval.

Surveys: Responsible for guiding any education surveys or census undertaken in the ministry.


Undertake the development of computer structures and systems; maintain the Ministry’s computer application software systems in line with information needs in order to promote an efficient and effective education information management system and facilitate the provision of accurate information to end users. Also acquire catalogue, store and retrieve documents in order to ensure accessibility and availability of relevant publications to users.


Analysis of Information: Analyses timely information needs in order to design appropriate computer systems.

a. Programme design and implementation: In line with the information needs, develop and implement timely programme specifications in order to facilitate the processing of information;

b. Storage: Stores securely library materials in order to prevent loss or damage;

c. Records Maintenance: Maintains up-to-date records and tracing system for library materials for easy accessibility and accountability;

d. Cataloguing and classification: Undertakes efficiently the classification and cataloguing of library materials for easy retrieval; and

e. Acquisition of Library materials: Acquires timely appropriate Library materials in order to keep the library up to date.

Computer systems: Develops appropriate computer structures in order to facilitate easy processing and retrieval of information.

f. System Testing: Carries out regularly systems tests in order to ensure dependable effective integration of the system software that facilitates the production of accurate information;

g. Software testing: Tests effectively application software in order to ensure it provides desired information;

h. Systems Documentation: Produces effective systems documentation in order to facilitate future maintenance;

i. Systems Review: Carries out regularly systems reviews to update existing systems;

j. Retrieval of Information: Retrieves and prints promptly data on education as requested in order to facilitate timely decision making; and

k. Maintenance of Computer Hardware: Ensures regular maintenance of the computer in order to ensure continuity of operations

Validation and Verification: Ensures timely validation and verification checks are put in place so as to facilitate smooth operations of computers.