Special Education

  1. Special Needs – Inclusive Education Unit falls under the Directorate of Teacher Education and Specialized Services (TESS).
  2. There are two officers at the national level (PEO-SE and SEO-SE) who ensures that activities are being implemented.
  3. There are 46 Standards Education Officers at district, 9 Senior Standards Education Officers at Provincial and 1 Principal Education Standards Officer at National level.


  • improving quality primary, secondary and tertiary education for learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN)
  • Increase access to education for LSEN
  • Develop an appropriate cost effective and sustainable model for early identification, assessment and placement of CSEN.


Since its inception in 1999, the Special Education Unit has set the following principal function areas:

· Formulation of policies

· Facilitating the procurement and development of special needs materials in close collaboration with CDC

· Increasing access to education to Learner with Special Educational Needs (LSEN)

· Implementation of Inclusive Schooling Program (INSPRO)

· Monitoring implementation of special needs-inclusive education


Specialised materials

  • Sensitization and training modules, and screening and assessment tools have been developed.
  • Selected recommended text books and sensitization materials on HIV and AIDS have been transcribed into Braille and sign language respectively
  • Specialised materials have continued to be procured. The latest being the consignment currently being received.


  • INSPRO has spread to all the 9 Provinces although a lot still needs to be done.
  • Over 220,000 CSEN (MoE Statistical Bulleting, 2010) have accessed education through INSPRO.
  • Production of community radio sensitization programmes in 8 official languages


Curriculum reforms have taken place at both primary and tertiary levels. Special education courses are part of the curriculum in the colleges of education and universities.


  • Expansion of ZAMISE.
  • Construction of the National Centre of Excellence for LSEN


  • Sightsavers Zambia offers support in the area of advocacy and provision of specialized equipment and materials. Currently operating in 8 disricts in each of Southern and Copperbelt Provinces.
  • Child Fund has constructed special education Infrastructure at Kapoche Primary School in Luangwa disrict.
  • Leornard Cheshire are piloting inclusive education in Chongwe district
  • Zambia Federation of Disability Organisation (ZAFOD) Piloting inclusive education in Western province through the DEAR Project.


  • Finalise the production of community radio sensitization programmes in 8 official languages
  • Revise INSPRO implementation Guidelines
  • Enhance the scaling of INSPRO to all the districts
  • Revise and develop teaching and learning materials including transcribing HIVLAIDS materials into Braille.
  • Procurement of specialized equipment and materials, and vehicles
  • Facilitate the construction of the special education centre of Excellency, secondary schools and resource centres