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Department of Energy

The department is responsible for the development and implementation of policies, programmes and projects on renewable energy, energy efficiency, electricity and power development in order to order to facilitate socio-economic development.

  • Human Resources and Administration Unit
  • Electrification Unit
  • Power Development Unit
  • Solar and Mini-hydro Unit
  • Biomass Unit
  • Energy Management Unit
  • Provincial Offices


  • Facilitate the development and review of policies and legislation on energy in order to provide an appropriate framework for the effective management and implementation of programmes
  • Facilitate the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of energy infrastructure in order to ensure security of supply.
  • Promote the development and utilization of climate resilient and renewable energy technologies
  • Coordinate safely and environmental protection measures and programmes relating to nuclear power generation
  • Conduct and undertake research and development in the energy sector
  • Maintain a data base on energy resources ,production, distribution, consumption and pricing
  • Coordinate regional and international energy programmes
  • Formulate and review energy strategy and action plans in order to facilitate resources mobilization and attainment of set objectives
  • Provide technical guidance and support to stakeholder institutions on matters relating to efficient management and conservation of energy
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in planning and implementation of energy development¬† programmes in order to ensure a harmonized approach to Programme execution
  • Develop and implement programmes on transboundary power projects in order to foster regional integration and
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of energy programmes and programmes and projections in order to recommend appropriate interventions and ensure attainment of set goals