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Department of Planning and Information

The department of planning and information is responsible for coordinating the development of policies and legislation on energy in order to provide a framework for implementation of the Ministry’s programmes and projects. The department also monitor and evaluate the Ministry’s programmes and projects.

  • Human Resources and Administration Unit
  • ICT Unit
  • Policy and Budgeting Unit
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Unit


  • Coordinate and undertake socio-economic research activities relating to emerging issues on energy resources in order to promote evidence based policy formulation
  • Oversee the formulation and review of policies and legislation  to ensure that their provisions are adequate, clear and relevant
  • Coordinate  the preparation of annual budgets to facilitate resource mobilization
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of programmes, projects and policies in order to ensure attainment of set goals
  • Develop and maintain a management information system in order to provide information for decision making
  • Maintain cross cutting and emerging issues into the Ministry’s programmes in order to ensure equity and social inclusion
  • Facilitate the preparation of quarterly/ annual reports on Ministry’s operations and performance
  • Facilitate the preparation of investment plans, technical assistance and project proposals for purpose of resource mobilization
  • Coordinate parliamentary and cabinet business
  • Coordinate the implementation and review of the Ministry’s strategic plan and annual action plans
  • Facilitate liaison on energy with co-operating partners in order to foster cooperation